Tiếng Việt

South Van Phong Port’s 1.000 billion VND project will operate from June.

Wednesday, 19/06/2019, 09:58 GMT+7
According to the Ministry of Transport's web portal, after more than one year of construction, until now,
South Van Phong General Port (Ninh Hoa Town, Khanh Hoa Province) has gradually been completed.

The project has completed 300m length of wharf, supportive equipment, Channel dredging.

Investor will conduct ground filling, factories and warehouses building in the coming months. It is expected that the port will be put into operation in June to meet the demand of transporting goods in the region, as well as create a motivation to attract investment.

Total funds for implementation is about 1,000 billion VNĐ. The port can accommodate the vessel  with the capacity of 30,000-50,000 tons when it is done.

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